Bubble Baths

Bubble Baths
What’s the first thing you look for when booking a hotel room? For me, the answer is the bathroom. Sounds a little strange, right? I know. But I’m sure someone reading this might relate. 
A clean bathroom with a welcoming shower and spacious vanity is an important part of my travel experience. Especially after a long day of activity and adventure, there’s no feeling like coming back to a nice bathroom for a relaxing shower before getting ready for the night. 
Whether you want a balcony with a view, a room with a kitchen, private pool access, or you also have a love for charming bathrooms, we all know it can sometimes take hours of searching online to find what you’re looking for. And even after hours of searching, you may still not find exactly what you’ve envisioned. After years of booking accommodations for myself, my family, and my friends, I’ve discovered new ways to filter my searches to find exactly what I’m looking for. 
And now as a travel consultant, I have access to deals and packages that aren’t available to you online. Looking back, if I could do anything differently while planning my trips, I would’ve definitely relied on the help of a travel expert. You shouldn’t have to compromise on comfort or luxury when you’re on vacation. From 5-star resorts to overwater bungalows, I’m thankful to have the opportunity to introduce you to thousands of options for your next hotel, resort, or vacation home rental.


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