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Shifali is a travel consultant and the founder of Tag Worthy Travel, a modern-day approach to traveling and exploring. Travel is becoming both a desire and a priority, and in a world full of engaged viewers and followers, it’s connecting people like never before.  
Today’s traveler craves it all-- excitement, adventure, and relaxation. But today’s traveler is also busy and might not have the time or tools to curate such an experience. Navigating through these unprecedented times poses another challenge in the changing world of travel. As an avid traveler herself, Shifali’s goal is to serve as a concierge to help people travel and see the world. 
Shifali was born in California and spent part of her childhood in Oregon until her family moved to Georgia. She is a pharmacist who graduated with a PharmD from the University of Georgia, and she now lives in “the Queen City” of Charlotte, North Carolina. 
As a traveler from a young age, she went on her first road trip when she was 6 months old, and she went on her first cruise to Vancouver at the age of 3. Since then, she’s traveled to over 30 states, with Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado, and Maine as her top favorites. Her favorite international destinations include Iceland, Spain, Dubai, and Aruba. Her unforgettable travel experiences include skydiving, night-time snorkeling, ziplining, and snowmobiling. 
From booking luxury accommodations, to customizing experiences, to providing “tag worthy” content, Tag Worthy Travel strives to be a valuable asset for you.
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