Decoding Travel: Traveling vs. Experiencing

Decoding Travel: Traveling vs. Experiencing
Why do people love to travel? One of the most common answers is because they crave new experiences. But how often are people truly “experiencing”? 
Whether you’re booking a trip yourself or using the help of a travel agency, the typical vacation package consists of a flight, hotel, and possibly a rental car. But what about the experiences? Experiences always seem to be an after-thought or not a thought at all. 
Want to visit Iceland? Well, you’re going to see more than the gorgeous waterfalls and black sand beaches. How about snowmobiling on one of the largest glaciers in Iceland? Or snorkeling between tectonic plates in clear glacial waters? 
Want to visit Hawaii? Well, you’re going to see more than the beautiful sunsets and beaches. How about snorkeling with sea turtles and manta rays? Or skydiving at one of the most scenic drop zones in the world? 
Want to visit the Grand Canyon? Well, you’re going to see more than a view of the majestic canyon from behind a metal railing. How about flying between the magnanimous red and brown rocks in a helicopter with a bird’s eye view and landing in the middle of the canyon for a sunset picnic? 
Regardless of where you’re traveling, every corner of this world offers something unique. As long as you’re open-minded and embrace it, your perspective on travel can change forever. Whether you’re doing a bucket list activity, trying authentic cuisine, enjoying a cultural dance, listening to regional music, or even using a local mode of transport, travel is all about absorbing the essence of the place you’re visiting. 
Bring your vacations to life. When you close your eyes to think about your last trip, the first image in your head isn’t going to be of the souvenir you bought.


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